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This product is flow control device and it has motor proportioanl control option. Including electric manipulator and remote control system by nautre energy. It open/closes sewage ducts and increase treatment effieceny in sewage treatment plant.

· You don’t need power supply to the product when it is fine weather so you can control the flow proportionally with low electrictiy and high effiencey.
· Regardless of size, it has same shape and form. Accessaries are same as well so mantaince is easy.
· It recognizes disk opening/closure and notifies to central control center.

· As it requires less consumption power(about 15W) , it can apply general power and solar and wind power generation system.

· As it equips CDMA function, it can be monitored and controlled at anytime and anywhere.

· It adopts uninterruptable power supply for stable operation during black out.

Installation Process

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