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D.I Gate manufactured by Dongin Co.,Ltd. doesn’t require the top slav structure installation for opening and closing the gate, and it is a floodgate which makes it possible to open and close the gate through the manual system/motor-operated system/remote system in any cases like a bended spot, blind spot and a long distance, etc.

· It’s easy to install the gate at a bended blind spot.
· The simple gate structure and compact opening& closing device make it easier to intall.
· The gate is structured with the function of protecting the slide and sheet(oring) from tear in the event of opening and closing.
· Its structure doesn’t require the top concrete slav, and it can be installed even at a river bank.
· This gate is equipped with a balancing device at a driving part, so it is available for gate opening & closing even with a small force, and power consumption is small in case of the motor-operated system.
· This gate is organized to make it possible to safely open and close through the motor-operated open/shut system installed by the sidewalk in the event of the opening and closing of the product installed on the street.

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