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Flood prevention gate is installed in seashore. During the normal period, it is protected with gate frame and if there is any risk of flooding, it is operated manually or automatically to prevent overflow. It can prevents flooding by typhoon or tsunami.

· Perfect block of odor and insect inside box.
· Always closed at normal times without being affected by wind speed and smooth opening/closing available by water level difference in the envent of raining
· Easy structure and strong durability.
· Special entrance and Access hole makes cleaning and maintance easy.

· It is structured to block a bad smell as it is shut at normal times, and to prevent flooding as it opens and shuts by differential head in case of rain.
· The gate is shut in a smooth close structure by the counterweight at the hinge part.
· In case of a need for maintenance, it’s possible to leave the gate open by fixing it through the prepared support fixture.
· Its frame and gate are made of stainless steel(STS304),having excellent durability.
· The odor prevention curtain gate makes it possible to do maintenance and cleaning because a worker can enterthe inside of the storm sewer through the door for daily management and regular checkup.
· The design plate carved with Logo and Pattern is attached to the front.

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